Cedar County Democrats 

We work to elect democratic candidates at all levels of local, state and national government.

We also work to promote democratic ideals and encourage our legislators to translate our ideals into legal policy.

We begin by taking part in caucuses, conventions and elections, but we continue the work through developing relationships with our elected officials on both sides of the aisle.  Dialogue with those who have differing points of view are essential to a functioning democracy.

Please consider writing to individual elected officials, giving personal accounts of how laws, or the lack of them, affect you or your loved ones.

Cedar County is in the 73rd Iowa House District along with part of Johnson County, and the city of Wilton in Muscatine County. We are currently represented by a Republican, and I urge everyone to let him know why we support various issues. Let him know we are paying attention, and expect better than what we are currently getting from our legislature.

We are also part of the 37th Iowa Senate District and are currently represented by Senator Bob Dvorsky (D) from Coralville.  Sen Dvorsky is retiring this year, Please help us  replace him with Zach Wahls!

Cedar County is in the 2nd Congressional District of Iowa and is represented in the US Congress by Congressman Dave Loebsack (D) Iowa City. Please offer comments to him on policy as well.

We, the people, need to use our voices.

see our Links section for contact information



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