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Cedar County Democrats ask for your input and participation in focusing our goals for our community, state, and national government.

Our county central committee meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 7 pm.

Normally they are at the county courthouse, in the basement meeting room.

At the county level,  2 persons from each voting precinct are elected to vote on official party business, but all registered voters are welcome to attend and offer ideas.



Will you join the committee?  Help us guide the party forward?

About Central Committee Membership and Service

Members should: Know our mission and goals,  and pursue these in a responsible and competent way. We are the public face of the Democratic Party and its values.

It is vital that members never accept (or offer) favors or gifts from (or to) anyone who does business with the Democratic Party. Reading and understanding financial statements and helping to follow financial responsibilities helps to focus on our goals.  We can’t eliminate money from politics completely, but we can work at the local level to use it wisely, with integrity.


Precinct maps          District maps

2018 members are:

Cass/Center/Rochester/Iowa Precinct

Betty Lett                   
Richard Frauenholz


David Shinker           

Sandra Delaney        


Katie Kelly                  


Jennie Schmidt.          
Wesley Clemens         


Erin Doerscher           
Stephen Doerscher    


Molly Schintler.          
Jack Werling                


James Dierickx            

Mike Rowold

Wes Griesbach

Tipton 1


Tipton 2

Ron Knouse.              
Joe Ann Ahrendsen           (563)886-6268

Tipton 3

Deb VanderGaast     
Joan Blundall            

Cindy Kunde             


West Branch

Gregory  Hetrick.     
Ann Byrne                           319-643-5131



Chair                           Laura Twing              
Treasurer                   Douglas Klein            
Vice-Chair                 Larry Hodgden           
Secretary                   Sharon Hodgden        

Vice-Chair                 Deb VanderGaast       



2nd District Representatives/alternates

Erin Doerscher
Jodi Clemens


Wes Clemens

Larry Hodgden











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